African Youth Employment Initiatives - AYEI
African Youth Employment Initiatives - AYEI
Food Security: Why engaging Youth in Agriculture matters

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations places the global population of youth aged 15-24 at 14 per cent of expected nine billion by 2050. Already, the rising unemployment rates is a concern now, and the increasing population is set to make it even worse.

By Nduta Waweru

How ICT is Transforming Agriculture in Africa

Africa has two of the most useful resources when it comes to agriculture: the youngest population in the world and the largest share of arable land. However, the youth is facing a number of challenges in participating in agriculture. According to the 2015 AGRA report on the status of agriculture, limited availability

By Nduta Waweru

How to leverage Women’s contribution to agriculture to enhance productivity

Women make up 43 per cent of the world’s agriculture labour force and in Africa; they make up almost 80 per cent of the smallholder farmers. As African Youth Employment Initiative (AYEI) the engagement of women in agriculture is an important aspect in promoting with food security and creating employment

By Nduta Waweru

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Reducing high rate of unemployment

Unemployment is undesirable, bringing economic, social and political vices in the society. It has numerous consequences to society it visits. The high wave of crime, robbery among youths has been traced to unemployment. African youth employment is a non-governmental organization. It was formed while targeting 6

By Emmanuel Msafiri

AYEI Ethiopia held a special event

African Youth Employment Initiatives (AYEI) Ethiopia is making a difference and is standing as a model for other country coordinations in leading youth public engagement and mobilization. The two members of the Ethiopian coordination team; Mered Tewodros, (AYEI Ethiopia Country Coordinator)

Reported by John Youhaness (HOD Youth Affairs)
By Diomede Mujojoma(HOD Communication and Public Relations)


1. AYEI Registration as an NGO
On 30th December 2016, AYEI was officially registered in Ghana under the Company Code, where it was incorporated under the Companies Act , 1963 (Act 179 ) and liability of its members is Limited by Guarantee .

By Wambui

AYEI Tanzania attended Stakeholders Youth forum

African Youth Employment Initiatives (AYEI) Tanzania, participated in the Arusha Development Stakeholders Forum. AYEI Tanzania was invited by the Arusha Regional Commissioner to attend the forum on the 30th of June, 2017 because of the development impact our organisation is making

As reported by: Jonas Ndunguru (AYEI Tanzania Country coordinator)
By Diomede Mujojoma(HOD Communication and Public Relations)