African Youth Employment Initiatives - AYEI



Online Training Session

AYEI has a variety of training sessions both online and offline. AYEI offers opportunities for young farmers and other interested individuals who would like to learn about agri-business and farming to participate in organized training sessions and seminars.

AYEI Youth farmers’ seminars and training program

These are annual activities which attract farmers from all African regions to be able to teach and tell their story about farming. These stories are published inform of books, audio-visual, webinars etc. The online training program is organised for AYEI members to interact with other farmers a cross the world. This initiative is made possible by innovative online applications backed up by robust technology infrastructures. The Online training sessions are organized for subscribers who have met the set requirements. The length of the training largely depends on the type of training. AYEI utilizes this medium to offer continuous capacity building of its members in a variety of disciplines.