African Youth Employment Initiatives - AYEI



AYEI Youth Day

The department of Youth Affairs organizes every year in each country an AYEI Youth Day where young farmers and the youth are brought together to celebrate their oneness and togetherness under themes chosen every year by “African Youth Employment Initiatives Day (AYEI-Day)”. The celebration of AYEI Youth Day aims to increase awareness of, commitment to and investment in youth; increase and strengthen youth participation and partnerships, as well as increase intercultural exchanges and understanding among young people. The Department of Youth Affairs coordinates these festivities and are usually organize during summer holidays. The Youth day serves as an occasion for various farmers to exhibit their produces to the society and it is also a fundraising day where partners, stakeholders and the organization allies are invited to witness the youth’s achievements. It is a day set apart to sell some of our products, our magazine and other articles chosen to raise funds for the organization.