Installation of farmers' learning hubs in rural Africa to create avenues for youth employment to end poverty and hunger in Africa

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AYEI introduces to the youth easy ways of making it in agriculture, blending innovation and technology to create jobs and products for value addition.  

AYEI envisions a gradual reduction of unemployment among young people as it thrives to craft job-creating ventures in agriculture. This will reduce poverty and all other social vices related to youth unemployment in  African nations.


AYEI selects, trains, and empowers the youth who are capable of training others to reach out to as many youth as possible. Through its established integrated farms, improved breeds of livestock, high yielding seedlings are developed for distribution to our trainees who become commercial farmers, empowering and employing many other youths in the value chain.


Our Services

Our Projects are customized in key thematic areas where we offer specific services.These are the main areas of our operations


Demo farms installation

AYEI establishes learning hubs where innovative technologies, farming good practices, and techniques are demonstrated for replication.  These demo farms are in all areas  of our intervention (crops, livestock, aquaculture, apiculture, etc)

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Capacity Building for farmers

AYEI accompanies farmers from the project design, implementation, production, and transformation to the value addition…through the specialized coaching of our skilled trainers and partners. These enable farmers to have products with the required standards for all markets 


On-field coaching and extension services for trained rural farmers

Offering on-field coaching services and continuously guiding our trainees in their initiatives to yield good results.  This ensures adherence to norms and standards, and the right application of farming inputs. These extension services are in all areas of our intervention. 

The Problems we solve

Value addition and technology in agriculture

Post-harvest losses due to the absence of preservation and conservation. technology, lack of read markets due to low product standards, and lack of value addition make farming unattractive and hence discouraging for those without the means to fund it. AYEI offers appropriate solutions to these problems.


Unemployment and poverty among the youth

Youth unemployment remains one of the thorny dilemmas for most African nations as many social vices are linked directly to it. AYEI is positioned to use agriculture to create income-generating ventures for the youth so they can have a decent life, thereby eliminating poverty.

Food shortage

Africa has a fast-growing population, growing cities, and an expanding middle class. The demand for food has increased at a time when available lands are being used for estate development and mining activities. AYEI trains the youth to produce the food we all need.

Areas of our intervention

Crop Farming and horticulture

AYEI installs demo farms and trains the youth in integrated farming activities with more focus on crop farming. This is aimed at making available and affordable agricultural products to minimize food import observed in some countries.

AYEI Uganda with Michael Kisutu
Livestock and animal husbandry.

AYEI is best known for having introduced a livestock-based food system that saw massive support and awards from governments and international organizations such as the African Union. This is about installing a circular cycle in animal farming where every component plays a vital role in the whole system.

Mushroom farming

In its efforts to innovate and empower those who want to widen their income streams, AYEI offers training in mushroom production, transformation, and marketing, sessions given to the selected youth willing to venture into it.

Fishery and aquaculture

AYEI establishs demo farms to train up the youth in fish farming, using innovative techniques and technologies that are scalable and durable for greater impact.


AYEI introduces to the youth the techniques and technologies in Beekeeping, honey production and processing, commercialization, and value addition. This project plays a double role in preserving our environment.

Snail farming

Snail farming is known as a galloping market in West Africa. Being a delicacy for some societies in West Africa, Snail farming is also one of the commodities exporters are investing in. AYEI has customized a section of snail farming, where trainees are assisted in setting up farms with ease

Where we are

AYEI has functional and operational representations and offices in these countries. If you want to check what is happening in countries where we are working, click on the country’s name below to visit their page. 

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