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AYEI stands for African Youth Employment Initiatives. AYEI is a youth-led organization founded to mobilize, organize and empower the youth of Africa to embark on agricultural activities and promote farming as a form of employment and as revenue-generating activities to end poverty among the youth while participating in the fight against hunger. 

AYEI intends to build a solid and united organization to support young emerging agri-entrepreneurs to create employment in agriculture, eradicate hunger and participate in the economic development of their countries. AYEI is to advocate for mindset change among the youth in regards to farming and make it attractive, rewarding and creative for their good and the good of the continent. AYEI is to create an avenue of technology and knowledge transfer in the sphere of farming where the youth share experiences, benefits and risks

Yes, AYEI accepts partners with other organizations running the same services as AYEI’s or whose services can be utilized by AYEI to achieve its objectives.  Partners are welcome in many ways and AYEI has open doors to anyone capable of advancing the cause the organized  was created to champion. Do you want to be our partner? Click Here

Partners have many roles to play depending on their services. They may partner to offer technical, administrative or financial support to the organization’s activities. They can partner in the promotion of the organization or in offering all kinds of services ranging from capacity building of members, helping the organization to achieve its objectives as agreed between the organization and its cherished partners by signing the Memorandum of understanding.

AYEI aspires to form a strong wide network of emerging agri-entrepreneurs on the continent that will help nations to do away with youth unemployment. It is the organization’s view that this can eventually solve many other societal issues such as illegal migration, security issues (armed robbery), juvenile delinquency and more societal vices caused by poverty among the young people. AYEI envision food security in Africa.

While there is no specific age to be an AYEI member, we encourage young people of less than 35 years to join our various teams in national levels. However, regardless of your age you can chose to join us and pray your part in your own capacity. 

Absolutely. We can accommodate non Africans to join AYEI and serve the organization in various ways. These can be experts, interns, volunteers or skilled individuals who would like to offer specific needs that AYEI has. 

The rationale behind our projects goes in line with our primal goal to CREATE employment for the youth. The business development services envisioned here is to incubate and technically support selected youth-led businesses to launch innovative and self-sustained farming ventures capable of creating a considerable number of jobs within a short period. What is novel for AYEI is that, we innovate, share and pass around our innovation to scale and that impact lives across boa

Our projects enroll mostly the youth in general but we give more priority to those living in rural areas many among whom are women. We first bring on board those young people who are educated and have not been employed by the government agencies, those who have skills and do not know where to apply them, those who are willing to  go into farming but do not have skills and resources, etc. We target also individuals who are endowed with talents and skills which can be utilized to help farmers in the value chain. Last, our beneficiaries are also those willing to partner with our trained farmers to add value to their products

AYEI does not limit its scope to one type of project. Since the organization was designed to champion agribusiness development among the youth, all areas  of farming are tackled. AYEI implemented projects in Aquaculture, crop farming, livestock, apiculture, and in other areas such as mushroom and snail farming. Open to all aspects, AYEI just innovates and introduces any farming models, sustainable and bankable enough to help farmers earn income. 

AYEI has its Head Office In Ghana but we are also having offices  in Burundi, Uganda, Malawi, Burkina Faso, Cote D’Ivoire, Angola, Senegal and Rwanda

AYEI welcomes in-cash and in-kind donations

These donations are made

Farming machinery and equipment

Farming tools, Farming Inputs

Live Animals, Land for farming

Office logistics

AYEI main bank is United Bank for Africa ( UBA) Ghana Ltd Whose details are as follows:

Account name: AfricanyouthEmploymentInitiatives ayei

Account Number: 01611243802503

Bank name: United Bank for Africa Ghana Limited Address: Ambassadorial Enclave Ridge Accra Branch Address: PLT 3 Block A Suame Magazine, Kumasi.

Swift Code: STBGGHAC

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