AYEI's Flagship project :
Demonstration Farms Installation as Learning Hubs for farmers in rural areas

AYEI installs demonstration farms in key areas serving as demonstration farms where trained professionals introduce to selected beneficiaries new farming techniques and technologies,  where they learn good practices and new ways of making food available to all.  These demonstration farms are self-sustained models designed to train as many people as possible. 

AYEI’s projects aim at training trainers, building capacities, teaching and imparting knowledge and skills to farmers who are taught to replicate or scale the same models on their own 

AYEI projects target a varied range of youth: women who are introduced to types of farming they are not usually doing such as beekeeping, pig railing, fish farming, mushroom and snails production and others. 


AYEI Uganda with Michael Kisutu

Livestock based food system

AYEI is best known for its Livestock based food system where selected improved breeds are railed and multiplied for distribution to trained farmers. Modern piggery, small and great ruminants, birds and other animals are railed on our sites for demonstration

Aquaculture-based food system

In Aquaculture, we introduce to the youth innovative technologies in fish farming, in a form of aquaponics based food system whereby people harvest fish and vegetables at the same time. Post-harvest transformation and preservation technologies help farmers add value to their products.

Apiculture based food system

AYEI designed a modern appiary to train women in rural areas on technologies and techniques of honey production. Trainees are introduced to bee hive fabrication, honey comb harvesting, conservation and preservation

Crop Farming

The crop farming projects are carried out to introduce to farmers new techniques and good practices that enable them increase yields, reduce losses and make more revenue. Improved varieties are demonstrated and distributed for multiplication for farmers.

Snail farming

Snail farming in West African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria is a very lucrative venture for those trained to go into it. Customized training and good resourceful guidance are given to people who develop snail farming and are taught on processing techniques to maximize profit and enhance sales

Mushroom farming

Mushroom has been on high demand in some localities in Africa and AYEI has trained trainers who are developing farms and teaching many youth on mushroom production and all its other value addition components. This is helping selected farmers mostly women to earn additional income in the comfort of their homes.

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Aquaponics based food system in Ghana , 2019

AYEI has successfully installed a fish farming learning hub in Juaben Municiapal Assembly of the Ashanti region, a projects that was awarded twice for its far reaching impact and its novel technology

Beekeeping in Burkina Faso, 2021

AYEI Burkina Faso installed a modern Appiary that serves as a learning hub in apiculture, where the trainees are empowered to start a commercial bee keeping for constant income.

Pineapple Plantation project in Ghana , 2021

In collaboration with National Youth Authority AYEI has initiated a pineapple demo farm, which trained people including a great number of youth. The regional agriculture extension office conducted series of on-field training sessions for our young people.

Passion fruit project in Uganda, 2019

AYEI Uganda launched a mini-project to develop a passion fruit demo farm, whereby the youth were trained to multiply and cultivate passion fruit. The project's second phase will consist of equipping them with processing technology to commercialize the finish products

Agri-business incubation project in Burundi, 2020

AYEI Burundi piloted a circular micro-financing project with the aim of empowering the youth who are in cooperatives. The youth were assisted to develop agri-business models and presented the proposals for funding. The projects were livestock and crop-farming activities, owned and managed by trained youth from rural areas

Pineapple Plantation project in Ghana , 2021

AYEI has successfully installed a fish farming learning hub in Juaben Municiapal Assembly of the Ashanti region, a projects that was awarded twice for its far reaching impact and its novel technology

Extension services for rice farmers in Malawi, 2022

Malawi has embarked on supporting young farmers in Rice farming. AYEI Malawi organized series on-field visits to offer customized training and coaching to farmers, introducing to some of them, good farming practices that could eventually result into better yields and post-harvest loss


Young farmers training program in central Africa Republic 2019

At the begining of the year 2019, the management of AYEI CAR embarked on training sessions of young people who are into vegetable production and other forms of farming. These activities were to motivate and encourage trainees to consider agriculture as a way of making money as any other business.

Micro grant scheme for agri entrepreneur in Burundi ,2021

AYEI Burundi designed and impleented a micro credit facility for some selected farmers who were funded to start income generating farming activities, an interest free loan that helped them to get started and earn income to better their livelihood.


AYEI has a series of already designed projects, currently seeking for required resources to be started in targeted areas to continuously gradually drive towards the fulfilleent if its mission: Making agriculture an employer and reduce hunger in Africa 

Livestock-based food system project in Ghana

Animal products are the highly consumed food but the supply is still low. While blending innovative models on an animal railing, this project intends to install a demo farm to  train beneficiaries on good practices and technologies in railing improved breeds of a variety of small and big ruminants and other animals whose products are in a high demand. The project intends to utilize the collected and processed animal waste into organic fertilizer to impact other farming activities. 

Modern Appiary set-up for organic Honey production in Malawi

Environment protection is the prime motivation to launch this modern beekeeping project whose main aim is to install a demo farm for beekeeping, to equip with the tools and skills needed to make beekeeping a more lucrative venture while contributing to environment preservation and protection. The expected outcome of this project is  having the youth, especially women, introduced to the production of organic honey and its associated products to improve health and nutrition in rural households

Micro-loan scheme in Burundi

Following the successful inception of a micro-funding scheme to incubate nascent and promising youth-led farming initiatives, the second part of the project is to scale and expand the scope of the project for more impact. This project intends to sharpen the agri-business managerial skills of the youth we intend to enroll. This will be coupled with a series of coaching, and on-field extension services

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